The Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rule 1961

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Form - 'A' See Rule 4(1)1

Application for Registration of Society

Form - 'B' See Rule 5(1)

Register of applications for registration received in the office of the Registrar/Additional/Joint/Deputy/Assistant Registrar

Form - 'C' See Rule 6

Report to Government

Form - 'D' See Rule 11(1)

Register of Co-operative Societies registered or deemed to be registered under the Act

Form - 'E' See Rule 13(1)

Notice under rule 13(1)

Form - 'F' See Rule 13(3)

Notice under rule 13(3)

Form - 'G' See Rule 16(3)

Notice to members, creditors and other persons whose interests will be affected by the amalgamation/transfer of assets and liabilities/conversion/division

Form - 'H' See Rule 18(1)

Application for reconstruction of a society

Form - 'H-1' See Rule 19A

Form to be used by the eligible person for giving application for membership of a society under sub-section 23(1 A) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960

Form - 'I' See Rules 32 and 65(i)j

Register of members

Form - 'J' See Rules 33

List of Members of ........................ Society Limited/Unlimited

Form - 'K' See Rule 45(1)

Declaration under Rule 45(1)

Form - 'L' See Rule 48(1)

Declaration under Section 43

Form - 'M' See Rule 48(2)

Register of declarations made under Section 48(a)/(b)

Form - 'M-1' See Rule 56A (2)

Register showing the names of notified co-operative societies to be maintained by the Registrar, Co-operative Societies, District Election Officer regarding particulars of last elections of Committee, date of first meeting, etc.

Form - 'M-2' See Rule 56A (3)

Form of report to be handed over personally by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the notified society on or before 30th September of the proceeding calender year in which the term of the office of the Managing Committee expires, to the Registrar, Co-operative Societies

Form - 'M-3' See Rule 56K

Office of the Returning Officer, .................................................(present office designation shall be mentioned)

Form - 'M-4' See Rule 56M (2)

Form of Nomination Paper

Form - 'M-5' See Rule 56V

Final List of contesting candidates

Form - 'M-6' See Rule 56V (I)

Appointment, of Polling Agents

Form - 'M-7' See Rule 56V(3)

Common form for appointment of Polling Agents and also to work as Counting Agents

Form - 'M-8' See Rule 56V (4)

Appointment of Counting Agents

Form - 'M-9' See Rule 4(1)1

Application for Registration of Society

Form - 'M-10' See Rule 56 A-1

Form of Ballot Paper

Form - 'M-11' See Rule 56A-6(2)

List of challenged votes

Form - 'M-12' See Rule 56A-11(1)

Form of declaration by companion of blind or infirm voter

Form - 'M-13' See Rule 56A-11(1)

List of Blind and Infirm voters

Form - 'M-14' See Rule 56A-13(2)1

Tendered Voters List

Form - 'M-15' See Rule 56A-16(1)

Ballot Papers Account

Form - 'M-16' See Rule 56A-24(2)

Form of Result Sheet

Form - 'M-17' See Rule 56A-29

Form of declaration of result and publication of names of member of the Committee

Form - 'M-18' See Rule 57A(1)

Form of Requisition to call Special Meeting of the Committee to consider Motion of No Confidence

Form - 'M-19' See Rule 57A(7)

Certificate regarding the result of the requisitioned special meeting of the Committee of ............................................. Co-operative Society in respect of No Confidence motion

Form - 'M-20' See Rule 4(1)1

Form - 'N' See Rule 4(1)1

Balance Sheet

Form - 'N' Profit and Loss Account

Form - 'O' See Rule 73

Rectification report under Section 82/87

Form - 'P' See Rule 75

Application regarding reference of a dispute

Form - 'Q' See Rule 82

Proclamation to be issued at the time of issue of a certificate under Section 98 (See Rule 82)

Form - 'R' See Rule 85(5)]

Certificate for Transfer of Property under Section 100

Form - 'S' See Rule 93(8)

Public Notice under Rule 93

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