The Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rule 1961

MCS - Rule - Form

Form 'H-1' Form to be used by the eligible person for giving application for membership of a society under sub-section 23(1 A) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960

See Rule 19A

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The Chairman,
(through the Additional Registrar/ Joint
Registrar/District Deputy Registrar/
Deputy Registrar/Assistant Registrar,
Co-operative Societies).


I, the undersigned Shri/Smt ........................................... (Full name of the applicant), hereby apply for the membership of your society, I furnish below the following particulars about me:-
1. Full name beginning with Surname

2. Address (Residential)

3. Occupation/Service/Business/Profession.

4. Address (Service/Business/Profession).

5. Age on date of application.

6. Class of membership applied for (associate, nominal, sympathiser or ordinary).

7. Nationality.

8. Amount of share money and entrance fee tendered with the application (cross cheque, pay order and Demand Draft).

9. Particulars of agricultural land/Non-agricultural land held by family as owner or as tenant (whatever it is applicable).

10. Particulars as to membership of other Cooperative Society/Societies, if any, together with information about outstanding dues or overdues, if any, in the society/societies.

11. Date of making application to the society and reason if any for not accepting the application by the society if known.

12. I undertake to furnish any other information as may be required under the bye-laws of the society.

I hereby state that I need the services of the society and further state that I have made myself aware of the provision of the bye-laws of the society, and I agree to be bound by them in all matters relating to my transactions with the society.

................................................................ Society

1. Ins. by G.N. of 15th January 1990. public in M.G.G. Pt. IV-B p. 276.

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