Electrical & Fire Audit in Housing Society – is this Mandatory?

Why do we need to conduct “Electrical Audit” in housing society? Is this really a mandatory requirement like conducting a structural audit?   Before we answer this, let us ask ourselves “Are we going to make provision for safety of our family only if there are legal compulsion to do so or we should make Read more about Electrical & Fire Audit in Housing Society – is this Mandatory?[…]


Deemed Conveyance

MEANING OF DEEMED CONVEYANCE: … In the legal sense Conveyance refers to the transfer of ownership or right, title & interest in the property to the other party. Conveyance Deed is a document executed to transfer the title of land and building in favour of Society or Association of Persons (AOP). The main object of Read more about Deemed Conveyance[…]


Parking Problems and Charges in Cooperative Housing Society

In almost every, society the maximum number of fights are over car parking and over charges for car parking. Builders can’t sell still & Open Parking The High Court says that building and premises belong to the societies. The builder can’t sell open spaces or space within stilts for parking. Even if the residents have Read more about Parking Problems and Charges in Cooperative Housing Society[…]


Society Annual Audit & Reporting

It’s time for audit! I am sure most of the societies are now busy with connecting / follow-up with their accountant to complete the accounting work of last financial year so as to schedule the annual audit for the last financial year. Before we discuss the some of the key points each society needs to Read more about Society Annual Audit & Reporting[…]


Care and Precaution of Housing Society Building

A Housing Society Building, however sound it may be, needs regular maintenance to keep it in healthy condition. However, awareness in this respect is lacking in the occupants, which is evident from the condition of buildings in Mumbai. Occupants who spend liberally for decoration of their premises do not show the same spirit when they Read more about Care and Precaution of Housing Society Building[…]


Online Payment on Mysocietyclub is easy with Paytm now

Great News for Cooperative Housing Society Members! Mysocietyclub now has UPI (paytm) available for collecting Maintenance bills and any dues payable by society members to the Housing Society. By using this the payment is directly made to the respective bank account. Watch our Online Payment Video Why Paytm? India’s No.1 wallet and payment app for Read more about Online Payment on Mysocietyclub is easy with Paytm now[…]

Recovery Process of Housing Society over dues

Housing Society collects the monthly maintenance expenses to ensure that they can manage the housing society works smoothly and to take care of their various common expenses like security, lift maintenance, house-keeping etc. All the members of housing society are expected to pay their maintenance bill on time as and when the same is raised Read more about Recovery Process of Housing Society over dues[…]

Education Funds

Education Funds in Housing Society

The basic objective of the Cooperative Housing Society is to create an environment of democracy, cooperation, equity and solidarity. However, the lack of awareness / knowledge of various rules, regulation, bye-laws and applicable society laws leads to many issues with the housing society. Realising the importance of such an important requirement, our legislator has made Read more about Education Funds in Housing Society[…]

Importance of Nomination

Importance of Nomination in various Financial Investments & Savings

We have dealt with the issue of “Nomination in Housing Society” in our previous blog and I am sure it must be of great help. However, a question remains unanswered is what should we do if there we do not have any nomination? The only answer to this is obtain “Probate” or “Succession Certificate” from Read more about Importance of Nomination in various Financial Investments & Savings[…]

Formation of Cooperative Housing Society

Before we deal the subject of “Formation of the Cooperative Society” for which you are require to follow certain set rules or guidelines step-by-step, it is important for all to understand the nature and importance / advantage of forming a society. The defining characteristic of a cooperative is that it is a business owned and Read more about Formation of Cooperative Housing Society[…]