What is Associate Member in Housing Society?

“Associate Member” means husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, nephew, niece a person duly admitted to Membership of a housing society on written recommendation of a Member to exercise his rights and duties with his written prior consent and whose name stand as 2nd in share certificate. Rights of Associate Members Read more about What is Associate Member in Housing Society?[…]


Deemed Conveyance

MEANING OF DEEMED CONVEYANCE: … In the legal sense Conveyance refers to the transfer of ownership or right, title & interest in the property to the other party. Conveyance Deed is a document executed to transfer the title of land and building in favour of Society or Association of Persons (AOP). The main object of Read more about Deemed Conveyance[…]


Society Annual Audit & Reporting

It’s time for audit! I am sure most of the societies are now busy with connecting / follow-up with their accountant to complete the accounting work of last financial year so as to schedule the annual audit for the last financial year. Before we discuss the some of the key points each society needs to Read more about Society Annual Audit & Reporting[…]

Recovery Process of Housing Society over dues

Housing Society collects the monthly maintenance expenses to ensure that they can manage the housing society works smoothly and to take care of their various common expenses like security, lift maintenance, house-keeping etc. All the members of housing society are expected to pay their maintenance bill on time as and when the same is raised Read more about Recovery Process of Housing Society over dues[…]

Education Funds

Education Funds in Housing Society

The basic objective of the Cooperative Housing Society is to create an environment of democracy, cooperation, equity and solidarity. However, the lack of awareness / knowledge of various rules, regulation, bye-laws and applicable society laws leads to many issues with the housing society. Realising the importance of such an important requirement, our legislator has made Read more about Education Funds in Housing Society[…]

Legal Compliance for Cooperative Housing Society

Legal Compliance Framework – Cooperative Housing Society

Many a times we have seen that Managing committee fails in legal compliance not because of time but just due to less awareness on the various compliance required by law. The recent changes (yet to receive consent from Governor of Maharashtra) in Maharashtra Cooperative Society Act, proposed a Fine of 25000/- (Rupees Twenty-Five Thousand) in Read more about Legal Compliance Framework – Cooperative Housing Society[…]

Election Process Exemption for Cooperative Housing Societies

Election Process Exemption for Cooperative Housing Societies from the tedious process of approaching election authorities! Maharashtra State Cabinet finally exempts those with fewer than 100 members from the ‘tedious’ process of informing the Maharashtra State Cooperative Election Authority 3 months in advance and conducting the election under the supervision of cooperative society election authority. Following which Read more about Election Process Exemption for Cooperative Housing Societies[…]

Ways to tackle property issues with builders

Once the buyer takes a possession of the unit, there is no bigger joy. However, the joy could well be short lived once issues related to documents, maintenance and miscellaneous repairs start cropping up. Despite following up with the builders, most home owners have a hard time tackling the property issues, often leading to conflicts. Read more about Ways to tackle property issues with builders[…]

building without managing sinking fund, with sinking fund

Sinking Fund Calculation and Utilization

Sinking Fund is not a new word in Co-operative Housing Society. Most of the members/managing committee members to make a suggestion to use such sinking fund for society related activities or debate its utilization/calculation without understanding its legal implication. So lets’ understand how the word “Sinking Fund” is defined; As per Wikipedia “A sinking fund is a Read more about Sinking Fund Calculation and Utilization[…]

Building Redevelopment

Redevelopment : Procedure, Guidelines & Steps

In the State of Maharashtra, there are large numbers of projects under process for Re-development of the Building of the Co-op. Hsg. Societies. There have been numerous complaints from the members against the Management of the Co-op. Hsg. Societies for various steps managing committee has taken for the building re-development. The main reasons we observed Read more about Redevelopment : Procedure, Guidelines & Steps[…]