Care and Precaution of Housing Society Building

A Housing Society Building, however sound it may be, needs regular maintenance to keep it in healthy condition. However, awareness in this respect is lacking in the occupants, which is evident from the condition of buildings in Mumbai. Occupants who spend liberally for decoration of their premises do not show the same spirit when they Read more about Care and Precaution of Housing Society Building[…]

Formation of Cooperative Housing Society

Before we deal the subject of “Formation of the Cooperative Society” for which you are require to follow certain set rules or guidelines step-by-step, it is important for all to understand the nature and importance / advantage of forming a society. The defining characteristic of a cooperative is that it is a business owned and Read more about Formation of Cooperative Housing Society[…]

5 Conflicts Every Housing Society Faces

In recent years, there has been a steady rise of housing society woes owing to varied reasons and circumstances. Homeowners, who often dreamt that their issues will end with the possession of the property, now find themselves dealing with multiple problems related to the management of the housing societies. Here are 5 common conflicts that Read more about 5 Conflicts Every Housing Society Faces[…]

Ways to tackle property issues with builders

Once the buyer takes a possession of the unit, there is no bigger joy. However, the joy could well be short lived once issues related to documents, maintenance and miscellaneous repairs start cropping up. Despite following up with the builders, most home owners have a hard time tackling the property issues, often leading to conflicts. Read more about Ways to tackle property issues with builders[…]

Information related to share certificate

Formulation of Registration proposals where builder does not co-operate

Upon failure from the builder to form the society, flat purchasers need to take the initiative for the formation of the society. Before the registration proposal is submitted to acquire the Co-operation from the builder, the intention should behind such a effort should be written to the builder in form of a letter. A copy Read more about Formulation of Registration proposals where builder does not co-operate[…]

Do you know Swadhin Sadan CHS ?

It’s the 1st CHS of Mumbai !!! This Co-operative housing society was built in 1949 much before the Maharashtra Society Act came into existence. It was inaugurated by Mr. Morarji Desai; an Indian Independence Activist and former PM of India from 1977-1979. This CHS has a rich history; one of the most differentiating factor of Read more about Do you know Swadhin Sadan CHS ?[…]