Accounting and Billing Software is a Need of Housing Society

We live in a Digital World Today, Technology becomes part of our life. People are getting smarter and progressive towards modernity. Day-to-day our life getting difficult. In our busy schedule, managing time is the toughest task. We always prefer to use some technology that helps us to manage our day-to-day task. In today’s work, Managing Read more about Accounting and Billing Software is a Need of Housing Society[…]


Cultural or Festival Funds in Housing Society

Cultural Activities are most important part of our social life. As we stay in a diverse culture it has been a practice in most of the Housing Societies to celebrate functions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Pooja, Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Pooja and family dinner etc. In order to meet the expenses most of Housing Read more about Cultural or Festival Funds in Housing Society[…]



The bye-law 65 provides the provision for contribution to be collected from the members of the society towards outgoings and establishment of its funds, referred to in these bye-laws as ‘charges’ may be in relation to the following: Property taxes Water Charges Common Electricity Charges Contribution to Repairs and Maintenance Fund  Expenses repairs and maintenance Read more about LEVY OF CHARGES OF THE SOCIETY[…]


Electrical & Fire Audit in Housing Society – is this Mandatory?

Why do we need to conduct “Electrical Audit” in housing society? Is this really a mandatory requirement like conducting a structural audit?   Before we answer this, let us ask ourselves “Are we going to make provision for safety of our family only if there are legal compulsion to do so or we should make Read more about Electrical & Fire Audit in Housing Society – is this Mandatory?[…]


Society Annual Audit & Reporting

It’s time for audit! I am sure most of the societies are now busy with connecting / follow-up with their accountant to complete the accounting work of last financial year so as to schedule the annual audit for the last financial year. Before we discuss the some of the key points each society needs to Read more about Society Annual Audit & Reporting[…]