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BMC release new rule for Containment Zone for Covid-19

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Sunday (17th May 2020) announced its new containment plan in the city in order to make them more compact and ensure stricter vigilance to prevent the spread of the viral pandemic. According to which only buildings where positive cases are found will be sealed and not the entire compound.

As per the new guidelines, entire building won’t be sealed anymore, only the floor where the positive case is found will be sealed. A symptomatic patient will be shifted to an appropriate health facility, private or public, based on affordability. Asymptomatic positive cases can be home-quarantined.

BMC will communicate with patient about their health via phone calls, once a floor/wing is sealed, the BMC will hand over the area to the building secretary/chairman person. The building office bearer will ensure containment zone rules are followed on the floor/wing.

Rajeev Saxena, Chairman of MahaSewa & Founder CEO in an interview with NDTV India said, “It is very difficult society committee members to arrange the required material for the sanitization and it is difficult to procure the same under current situation, hence it’s BMC responsibility to provide essentials to society in order to sanitize the building. Society office bearer cannot be held responsible if they are not able to ensure proper sanitization due to lack of these resources.”

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According to the rule, societies are advised to tie up with local vendors, medical stores and online merchants to deliver supplies at the society boundary wall.

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