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Accounting and Billing Software is a Need of Housing Society

We live in a Digital World Today, Technology becomes part of our life. People are getting smarter and progressive towards modernity. Day-to-day our life getting difficult. In our busy schedule, managing time is the toughest task. We always prefer to use some technology that helps us to manage our day-to-day task.

In today’s work, Managing Housing Society is very hectic task only, Society Management systems can help the managing committee to manage Housing Society effectively.

Why we need Housing Society Accounting and Billing software?

  • Manage society office bearer’s task effectively

In society office bearer are required to manage different activities like accounting, billing, compliance, complaints, attending members requests etc., society management software keeps a track on all the society billing & accounting records, keep a check all the functionality like complaint, members request, default in payment etc.  With its organized framework, it manages all the records of residents, who are paying maintenance dues monthly, who all have not paid their bills etc. it also keeps a track & records of visitors who enter the Housing Society.

  • Multiple access at same time

Society management software is very user friendly. Residents can easily handle society task with the help of Society management software. Society software send email & reminders to all members for financial dues. Furthermore, SMS can also be added as a mode of reminders.

  • Track all the records of apartments

Apartment software helps to keep a track of all society maintenance dues, utility bills, society bills, parking management, income and expense. Residents can also make complaint through Society App.

Apartment app provide one great features to all residents, i.e. NOC’s / Notices / Forms format which are available in app. residents can easily make request which immediately goes to society administrator / secretary.

  • No Need for Technical Knowledge

Likewise using application on smartphones, the society management software is very easy to use and does not require any particular technical knowledge to handle its features and functionalities.

  • Integrated with Multiple Payment Gateways

Online society management software helps residents to pay their monthly maintenance dues online via credit cards / debit cards, payment gateways, net banking etc. After the payment are made, residents get online payment receipt via email. By using this facility, the payment is directly made to the respective society bank account.

The Benefits For an online Society Management Software

Residents can enjoy various excellent features which has an amazing ability for making the community management simple and hassle-free. The main benefits are:

  • Automated and Instant Maintenance Bill Generations
  • Pay Maintenance Bill Online by Credit card / Debit Card / Net Banking / Payment gateways
  • Alert / reminder on outstanding dues, Instant Notices & Circulars.
  • Fully Integrated Accounting System, with Automated Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure and –Balance Sheet with full financial reports
  • Add – on Auditors reports for seamless and faster audit.
  • Parking Management, Tenant Management,  
  • Asset Management, Facility Management.
  • AGM / MC (On-line minutes of meeting)
  • Mostly used NOC’s / society letters
  • Statutory Report like I & J register, Sinking Fund Register, Associate / Nomination member register etc. are maintained in real-time.
  • Residents’ complaints Management and many more.

An online society management software is a solution which meets all the requirement of an effective society management system and it provide link to enjoy communication with society members.

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