Police Verification for Domestic Help – Hassle v/s Safety!!

In today’s word no can one can think to live without a domestic help. Be it part time Maid / domestic held, Cook, Babysitter, Nanny, Gardener or Driver. The most of the resident hire household help through reference neighbor, friends, relatives etc. or if a particular household help is working in several houses and believes that Read more about Police Verification for Domestic Help – Hassle v/s Safety!![…]

building without managing sinking fund, with sinking fund

Sinking Fund Calculation and Utilization

Sinking Fund is not a new word in Co-operative Housing Society. Most of the members/managing committee members to make a suggestion to use such sinking fund for society related activities or debate its utilization/calculation without understanding its legal implication. So lets’ understand how the word “Sinking Fund” is defined; As per Wikipedia “A sinking fund is a Read more about Sinking Fund Calculation and Utilization[…]

15 Important Clauses of Redevelopment Agreement

We have discussed various benefits, Procedure, Guidelines & Key Steps one should take when going for the building redevelopment so as to avoid complaints from the members. Suggested steps will help a smooth process of redevelopment and bring harmony to the members and office bearer. However, it’s equally important that we also pay our attention Read more about 15 Important Clauses of Redevelopment Agreement[…]

Building Redevelopment

Redevelopment : Procedure, Guidelines & Steps

In the State of Maharashtra, there are large numbers of projects under process for Re-development of the Building of the Co-op. Hsg. Societies. There have been numerous complaints from the members against the Management of the Co-op. Hsg. Societies for various steps managing committee has taken for the building re-development. The main reasons we observed Read more about Redevelopment : Procedure, Guidelines & Steps[…]

Key Benefits of Building Redevelopment

Key Benefits of Building Redevelopment

There has been a lot of debate as to what is the lifespan of buildings (RCC structure) in India when you talk about building redevelopment? Some people have an opinion that RCC buildings can last for 50-80 years and hence there is no need to go for building redevelopment. As per the experts, the conservative Read more about Key Benefits of Building Redevelopment[…]