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Police Verification for Domestic Help – Hassle v/s Safety!!

In today’s word no can one can think to live without a domestic help. Be it part time Maid / domestic held, Cook, Babysitter, Nanny, Gardener or Driver. The most of the resident hire household help through reference neighbor, friends, relatives etc. or if a particular household help is working in several houses and believes that they are honest and trustworthy. Therefore people never go for any back-ground verification and or police verification of household help as they consider this as hassle to fill the form and go to police station for their verification. But do you think this is enough to judge one’s criminal bent of mind? It’s only when a domestic help leaves on bad note or if they threatened by a particular individual action, they understand as to why police verification is needed?

It is important to note that;

  • Majority of the offences committed by the persons are known to the victims – servant, watchman, craftsman etc.
  • Criminals are generally not on police record.

So if you have any domestic help, it’s not too late to go for Police Verification. Let’s not wait for some wrong to happen!

The Police verification is very simple and easy for Domestic help;

  • Ask the current and permanent address and ID proofs of your domestic help and retain a photocopy for your records.
  • Ask for previous employer references even if the domestic help is coming through word of mouth referral or through a domestic help agency.
  • Retain a current photograph of the domestic help.
  • Fill all the required details and submit the application form at your local police station.


  • Employ a servant after verifying his real name, native address, All ID Proofs etc. with the help of the nearest Police Station. In some states, police have started using Biometric (Fingerprint) record keeping also.
  • Keep a record of the current local address of the helper. If possible visit their local address.
  • Keep a photocopy of all ID proofs of the helper.
  • Keep a recent Color Photograph.
  • Never discuss financial matters in front of your domestic help.
  • It is always safe to deposit your valuables in safe deposit vault of any Bank.
  • Treat your helper in a humane way to build loyalty.
  • Ask for previous employer references even if the domestic help is coming through word of mouth referral or through a domestic help agency. Call the previous employers and ask questions to confirm and learn more.
  • Do not allow any of the relatives or friends of your helper to visit your house. If at all he has any frequent visitor, get his antecedents checked by police and try to keep the number of such persons.
  • Never leave spare keys in open or in the conventional hiding places.

Your alertness and police verification will ensure that the data is available to the police which will force domestic help to think twice before committing any crime.

Application Form – Delhi

Application Form – Bangalore 

Application Form – Hyderabad

Application Form – Ahmedabad

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