About Us

Let me introduce us to get connected for a long business relationship …

Mysocietyclub.com is a novel concept brought by Mysocietyclub PropTech LLP., which coalesce societies, people across the spectrum. It bridges the gap between myriad societies and musters everyone on a single platform wherein they can share and express their views. It disseminates an unconditional bond among society members and the management team thereby dissipating smooth functioning of their own society. It connects people and ensures that their business objectives are met.

Rajeev Saxena, a master in social work, conceived this idea and gave birth to Mysocietyclub.com. It is purely his incorrigible grit and determination that engendered a unique platform which translated the wonderful idea of “People Connecting People”. He is popular for his gregarious skills and is people’s man. He is very well known in the social circle for his innovative & creative ideas. He has a rich experience of over 17 years for developing and managing Human resource of large MNC.

His vision is to connect each and every person, who perhaps has lost their touch with the one staying next door not just to create social affinity but also to add value to their business.

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