The Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rule 1961

MCS Rule Forms

Form 'Q' Proclamation to be issued at the time of issue of a certificate under Section 98

(See Rule 82)

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A. In the case of immovable property :
Whereas.............................................................. (judgment-creditor) has obtained an award or awards under Section 96 or an order or orders of the Liquidator under Section 105 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960, for an amount of Rs against .......................................................... (Judgment-debtor) and proposes to execute the same by sale of the undermentioned property of the said judgment-debtor and whereas the said judgment-credit or has obtained a certificate dated or execution of the award/awards or the order/orders under Section 98 of the said Act.

Notice is hereby given that any private transfer or delivery of, or encumbrance or charge on, the property made or created after the issue of the certificate shall be null and void against the said judgment-creditor under Section 99 of the Act aforesaid.

Description of the property
Date of award or order Names of the parties against whom award or order has been passed and certificate under section 98 has been issued Survey No. or House No. Name of The Village Area or Town, etc Assessmet or other taxes Other description of the property such as boundaries etc. Remarks
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
The notice shall be proclaimed at some place on or adjacent to such property by beat of drum or other customary mode and a copy of the said notice shall be fixed on a conspicuous part of the property and upon a conspicuous part of the village chavdi and also where the property is land paying revenue to the State Government, in the office of the Collector of the District in which the land is situated.
Place :
Date :
Registrar of Co-operative Societies



B. In the case of moveable property, a similar notice may be given with necessary changes as to the description of the property. A copy of the notice shall be delivered to the judgment-debtor.

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