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  • I am residing at Society comes in Nallasopara west, the society has 230 member and completed 1 year after registration and now society has conducted AGM for Election of Committee member and society has not conducted meeting as per new procedure of Maharashtra Co-op Housing society Act amended in feb 2013. Society has not invite registrar of Housing society for meeting and society has not publish voter list and not publish any notice releated nomination form and society has done his election process without registrar, so i want to know this type of election is right or null and void
    Tags: managing committee, Election, Voting

  • My Father is first member and myself is associate member having my name on share certificate, since my father is no more can i attend, speak and vote in SGM of our building. My father had made no nominations.
    Tags: Voting

  • About society election: My society has never conducted election so far. I am holding secretary post from last AGM. I need to conduct election but some of the members says they will elect new team by voice vote because our membership strength is less than 100. I want to call special general body meeting ant start with election process. Please advice.
    Tags: Election, Voting

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