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  • Dear Sir There is one flat on our ground floor which is originally G-1 416 sq feet as per society records, But some fraud document was registered by builders friends and sold it as A-1 650 sq feet area through standard chartered bank loan. same flat was sold to xyz with G-1 as flat number and agreement was registered. Now the matter is in DRAT court and court has put Status quo on any transaction of this flat and given order not to create any third party interest. Now the auction purchaser have got memebership of the flat by paying bribe to registrar office. Now when stay is there he wants to vote in elections where society is objecting presence of his flat A-1 in society. This is his attempt to establish ownership. We have strictly said not to alter his flat number from G-1 to A-1. and when registrar asked us to include his name we mentioned G-1 against his name. what can be done to stop his voting right as his ownership is still not established.
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  • Dear Sir, We are a society of 4 Wings A & B wings are of 7 floors with One Lift in each wing, C & D Wings are of 12 floors with 2 lifts in each wing. Total No. of Lifts in our society are 6. The question is how should the lift expenses shared between the members. Should each wing bear expense for their own lift or should be shared equally among all members. Also if we are replacing new lifts in all the wings should the cost be shared equally by all members or each wing bears the cost of their lifts, please advice. Thank you Taher Doriwala
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