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  • Dear Sir, We are a society of 4 Wings A & B wings are of 7 floors with One Lift in each wing, C & D Wings are of 12 floors with 2 lifts in each wing. Total No. of Lifts in our society are 6. The question is how should the lift expenses shared between the members. Should each wing bear expense for their own lift or should be shared equally among all members. Also if we are replacing new lifts in all the wings should the cost be shared equally by all members or each wing bears the cost of their lifts, please advice. Thank you Taher Doriwala
    Tags: Maintenance Charges, Repair

  • Hi, I have been fighting for a long time with my society to keep potted plants. The society in one of the SGM decided not to keep Potted plants. The mentioned point was not listed in the Agenda. When i raised the point they mentioned that in one of the earlier AGM's the decision regarding potted plants has been taken. My query is that can a society ban me from keeping potted plants on the parapet. Also they have not mentioned in which AGM was the order passed nor provided minutes of the meeting.
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  • We are a large society of 950 members in navi mumbai Maharashtra who are going to have our FIRST general elections. The builder will handover to this newly formed committee. We will be forming a 19 member committee. The people contesting elections will be 26. Can you please tell us how voting will be done. (1) will eligible voter mark 19 members whom he deems fit out of 25 or (2) will he mark only 1 out of 25 or (3) will he mark 3 ie chairman, secretary and treasurer How does the ballot paper voting happen
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