FAQ for Payment Gateway

No. Once the Payer enters the details of their credit card / debit card / bank details in Payment Gateway, Mysocietyclub.com does not have any access to the data being provided by them. Mysocietyclub.com only receives a confirmation on the transaction Success/Failure input from the Payment Gateway, based on which system generates the payment receipt.
On successful completion of the online payment, an e-receipt will be generated immediately on their page. Beside this the member / resident will also receive receipt via e-mail and confirmation via SMS. The Receipt will be available on their page in “View Payments” under “My Work Space”.
No. The gateway transfers money from multiple sources (members/ residents) to one target (a designated nodal bank account, NOT controlled by Mysocietyclub.com – per RBI guidelines). This Designated Nodal Bank then transfers respective amounts to the Society / Association Banks, pre-configured & regular instructions.
Society / Association pays a small one-time fee for the integration & set-up of the Payment Gateway setup. There are no other / hidden charges for the Society/ Association. However, the resident / members while utilizing the Payment Gateway pays a nominal convenience charge per transaction directly to the payment gateway.
You (the Mysocietlyclub.com society / association admin) can view all Payment Gateway transactions that have happened under Bill Management > Payment Receipts.
The transaction will show the following in the Narration “RS Cyberedge (India) Pvt. Ltd.”
The transaction will show the following in the Narration “RS Cyberedge (India) Pvt. Ltd.”
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