Payment Gateway Integration Payment Gateway Integration has recently integrated the Payment Gateway, which will help the members to pay their dues using via Credit Card / Debit Card and or NetBanking. This will enable the association / societies to collect the dues from the members directly to the association’s / society’s bank account.

Benefits of Online Payment Gateway

  • The members / resident get immediate confirmation that their payment has reached the Society / Association
  • The lead time for collections can reduce drastically as Residents would prefer to pay by credit card
  • With more and more members / residents using the Payment Gateway, below Admin Overhead are completely eliminated!
  • Cheques collection
  • Preparing Deposit Statement with correct details
  • Depositing the collected Cheques to the Bank
  • Making accounting entering of cheques in the Accounting System.
  • Reconciling each Cheque.
  • Processing Returned Cheques, lost cheques, managing Late Payment Penalty disputes.
  • Managing Suspense payments, due to Bank Transfer/Cheques without Name or Flat Number.
  • Manual Errors and Retention woes of Admin Employees who handle the above!
  • If you wish to know how Payment Gateway Integration works click the below links :
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  • FAQs on Payment Gateway
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