Model Bye–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society

I. PRELIMINARY: (Bye Law No 1 and 2)

Bye Law No 1.

Bye Law No 1(a) Name of the Society

The Name of the Society shall be _______________ ___________________ __________

Bye Law No 1(b) Procedure for changing the name

The Society shall follow the procedure laid down under Section 15 of the Act and Rule 14 of the Rules for the change of its name.

Bye Law No 1(c) Classification

The Society is classified under major class "Housing" with subclass "Tenant Ownership / Tenant Co-partnership / Other Housing Society."

Bye Law No 2.

Bye Law No 2(a) Address of the Society

The registered address of the Society shall be as under:
_________________ _____________________ ____________________________ __________________________ ____________________
_________________ _____________________ ____________________________ __________________________ ____________________
_________________ _____________________ ____________________________ __________________________ ____________________

Bye Law No 2(b) Intimation of change in the address of the Society

Any change in the registered address of the Society shall be intimated by it to the Registering Authority and all others concerned within 30 days of such change.

Bye Law No 2(c) Procedure for changing the address of the Society

Any change in the registered address of the society shall be made after the following procedure laid down in Rule 31 of the Rules of 1961.

Bye Law No 2(d) Exhibition of Name Board

The society shall exhibit at a conspicuous place at the main entrance of the building, a Board indicating its name, registration number and the registered address.

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