Maintenance Billing in Excel

Excel is the widely used software in many industries for accounting, finance, human resource, sales, etc. i.e. mainly to create MIS & reports. In past traditionally many Housing Society / Resident Welfare Association / Apartment Welfare Association were using excel for managing housing society data and accounting.

Even today various society uses excel to generate their maintenance bills taking the advantage of the inbuilt function and formulas. They basically create maintenance heads data in excel format, members outstanding amount obtained from various third party stand-alone accounting application mostly from tally and calculate the interest using formula function to generate maintenance bill. The process is very cumbersome, and the possibilities of errors cannot be eliminated since all the data entered in excel is manual. Even interest calculation part in most of the case is manual. This entire process is more or so individual driven rather system driven as this needs a good knowledge of excel. This gets collapsed the moment managing committee changes.

MySocietyClub helps you to get rid of this manual & person driven process and thus removes the possibility of any manual errors. Users don't need to enter maintenance head value of each members manually every month or calculate the outstanding amount or interest charges. The details will be fetched from previous month which is stored in the system, outstanding and interest calculation will automatically take place. Not only this, MySocietyClub will also send the maintenance bills via SMS and Emails to each member in just a click away.

MySocietyClub also provides various accounting reports, like balance sheet, ledger balance, income & expense statement, member’s outstanding, defaulter member’s lets etc. in excel.

MySocietyClub is the online housing society management system which helps both managing committee and society members for proper functioning of housing society having a transparent system.

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