Housing Society Management Features

Here is the list of Housing Society Management Features offered by MySocietyClub from both Society Member and Managing Committee point of view. Do check and feel free to submit enquiry form in case of any doubt.

Online Accounting

Every member will have their personal account which will provide them 24x7 access to all the society matters and updates from anywhere in the world. Every member will have a dedicated and customised account as per individual requirement. All members can monitor their account activities, view notices , pay bills and much more all from their account at any given point.

Circular & Notices

Members can access all latest circulars , AGM notices and minutes which the society puts up on the notice board. Members will be sent an eCopy of all circulars and important notices will be directly sent to your registered email address.

View & Pay Online

Every member can now make payments towards maintenance bills in matter of clicks. They can view the bill details and instantaneously make the payment online and thereafter preserve the receipt for their respective accounts. Members can download or view monthly bills or society notices online.

Business Listing

This unique feature enables members to promote their business , if any. He / She can use this feature to avail free listing of their's / partner's business and aggrandize the visibility of the services. Every member can amplify the opportunities by choosing the paid listing and thereby connect to the large / specific target group.

Sale of Household Items

Worried on how to get rid of your old household items? Well, this feature allows you to sell your household items. Click pictures of items you wish to sell and upload them on the society page. Your buyer might land up on your doorstep

Vendors at your doorstep

You do not have to step out to locate vendors in your vicinity. You can now scout for the nearest CCD, Dominos, Pizza Hut, ATM's, Bakeries, Hotels, Apparels, plumbers, electricians and much more.

Lease your flat

Planning to lease your flat? Put up your flat details for listing. Well‚ fill up an online form and send it to the secretary to ensure all the necessary paperwork is carried out. You may seek society’s NOC’s by just applying online. No need to run behind brokers / real estate agent for the lease / leave & license format or police verification forms etc. the same is available online which expedite your matters

Discussion Forum

Reaching out to people to opine your views on various issues / matters is now possible. Discussion forum provides a common platform for all society members to broach not only on social‚ political issue but any matter pertaining to society practices, management and much more. All under one roof.

Usefull Links

We provide links and contact details for vendors in and around your society. Check out the most commonly used links which will help you to find your nearest gas provider or vendor and much more.

Apply Nomination

Apply or change nomination / associate membership of your flat/s at ease. No need to wait for society office to open and secretary / office manager to come. Fill up the requisite form and submit the request to admin / secretary. On approval get a confirmatory email and your job is done. You can also view/change your past nomination, if you wish to do so. It does not get better than this!

News, Events, Photos

As a registered member you can view snaps of latest events held in your society. You can view necessary information regarding past and future society events photos directly from your mysocietyclub.com account. Brands can display their products or can undertake engagement activities around their product or business listing.

Legal Assistance

If you wish to avail a solution for a society dispute or an impending case then all you have to do is seek our legal assistance available on Mysocietyclub.com. Our team will understand your problem and provide the necessary legal assistance / opinion at an affordable price. Basic advice / opinion is available free of cost.

Society Website

Get a holistic website for your society and obviate obsolete approach adopted by various societies. Select the plan best fit for your society to carry out its business. Redefine old ways of managing affairs and harness technology aid to carry out mundane activities of societies. Go online…Go Green!

Complete Data Security

Feed in data of all the members of your society without any fear. Mysocietyclub.com ensures complete data security and confidentiality of all your members. All the society / member related forms and records are kept electronically safe and under a secured surveillance at all times. We make sure that enough security systems are in place and there is absolutely no scope of tampering with the data.

Individual accounts

Every member will have a personal account which will facilitate him to carry out banal activities. One can pay bills online, list business, sell household items, lease flat/s, search vendors and do much more with his / her online account. Every member will have exclusive access to his/her account and will be solely responsible for the account details.

Admin Account

Mysocietyclub.com provides an administrator account which will be managed by the secretary or an authorized person as elected by the society to supervise and administer all the online activities carried out by the society. Admin will solely be responsible for majority actions in the account and information sent to all society members. Notice categorization option available in terms of General Notice or Admin Notice.

Managing Committee Cell

Admin Account will contain a section wherein all details of managing committee details will be fed. At any given point of time any member of the society can get in touch with the members of the managing committee.

Property Register details

Admin can upload & keep the details of property registration documents like conveyance, registration document, commencement date, occupation certificate details etc and store the same online. These documents shall be used in the sole discretion of the admin or authorised person.

Share Certificate

Share certificate details of every member can be maintained online. This does not mean that this will replace the ”Original Share Certificate”. Any member can request the admin atone the details of share certificate and avail them as need arises.

View & Approve Nomination

The admin will possess the right to approve nomination’s applied by members of society for their respective flat. The admin on successful verification of member details can approve the necessary nomination changes.

Associate Member

Admin can add / delete associate members of the society. He can review member’s application and in consultation with the secretary, appoint or remove members as and when necessary. Emails can be sent from the directory itself by all members.

Upload Event Photo

Admin can upload / delete photographs of various events conducted by the society. All members of society registered with a particular society will have access to view them in their accounts.

Upload notices & AGM

Gone are the days when notices are pinned up on a green board. Mysocietyclub.com gives admin the option to upload the minutes, circulars and announcements on the website for easy access to members 24x7. Easy to induct new owners/tenants into the association and make them aware of the bye-laws.

Opnion Poll

This is a unique feature which the admin can optimally use. This feature allows the admin to run polls to understand the opinion of all society members on a particular issue or matter. This tool will help the admin to understand the pulse of all members and will eventually help him in making better decisions.

Loan Record

As an admin you can record home loan details of your members. You can upload loan closure documents and other relevant addendums for respective members. This will allow the admin to fasten the process of issuing NOC's to members.

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