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We are a 32 member society and The Provisional Managing committee of the society was formed in Feb-2017 after the handover from the Builder/Developer. I have 2 questions wrt election process, 1. Upto what period can the managing committee serve its term i.e 19th Feb 2018 or 30th Sep 2017 (inline with usual election procedure dates as per bye laws) 2. In The Provisional voter list (Form E-3) to be submitted, which names are to be mentioned incase of joint holders of the flat. thanks

Conversation of Legal Support

Adviser: We reply as below; 01. The term of provisional committee will one year. In your case it should be up till Feb'2018 or if the election process is initiated then holding the charge till new committee is elected. 02. Those whose name stand first in the share certificate and or in absence of first member then 2nd member whose name stand second in share certificate.

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