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Respected Sir, I have been doing follow up for my request to ICICI Bank since Sept 2016, but I could not get valid satisfactory answer from them apart from policy. I bought pre-owned House in Badlapur location and took Home Loan from ICICI Bank. As per process bank took all necessary documents under their custody. After few days I had started original share certificate transfer process from Old owner to new owner (i.e. me). So initially I had contacted bank and they gave me below format which should be fill on Society Letter Head. Purpose of retrieval is "Transfer in own name" Loan Account number: Customer name: Customer Contact number: Request date: Documents required: Reason for Retrieval: AGM date / Date When the name change process would be done: Time when the document would be returned back to ICICI Bank (Date): Society’s complete address with Society name: Society’s contact number: Society timings: Then I went to Society chairperson and discussed as well as mailed him all details but they denied stating there is no such policy to provide letter head to any bank. He even told me no one in the society owners/members in the past had come to them for such request. Kindly help me or advise me how I would retrieve my original share certificate from bank to start process of share transformation from old to new owner. Your insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Manesh Ghodekar

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Adviser: Since you have taken the bank loan, the bank has mortgage all your property documents. So if you need any documents you are required to make the request in their prescribed format. Now you required the share certificate for transfer, the society has to confirm the purpose for such retrieval and responsible to return it to the bank after completion of the transfer process. They cannot refuse to give such letter.

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