Legal Support

Earlier we had provisional committee. The chairman alloted 11 parkings to flat members without approval from MC nor did he alloted it in SGBM or GBM. In one of the SGBM he did mention about alloting the parking on first come first basis and fixed notice on notice board and also mailed to the members on their email id. He did alloted directly to the members in which he alloted 3 parkings to himself. So is it proper and did he allot it rightly. He have taken a underwritten from 11 members saying in future society can anytime take the parking back if they feel something wrong but now he not ready to surrender. He saying parking alloted by him is for lifetime. So can the new committe the parking back from all the committee member and allot it freshly in transparent way like for a year and so and getting some benefit like rent for parking. The old chairman said if parking taken back will challenge the same in court and will get all the parking given by builder cancelled. So is it possible.

Conversation of Legal Support

Adviser: No member has the exclusive right on any open / stilt parking. If there is discrepancy in the parking, the managing committee has all the rights to re-allot and can bring the transparency. Let him go to the court. The legal position is very clear. Read the blog:

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