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SIR, I am a member of co op hg Kandivali west . Due dispute with some member Secretary resigned from post 3 months back. New one was selected from managing committee without any election. Unfortunately the new one passed away this month, so again there is vacancy for secretary post. Now the old one who resigned from secretary post want to become secretary again and he has got support of managing commitee members, My question is can he became secretary again withing 3 months of his resignation? He is not efficient secretary and was not able to take care of society matter properly so some members told him to resigned that time. Kindly advise, Thanking you

Conversation of Legal Support

Adviser: The managing committee member has right to select the members for the various positions from the elected Managing Committee. So Yes! they can select the Secretary from the elected managing committee. If the resigned Secretary also resigned from the post of the Managing Committee Member then he can not but is he is still the part of the managing committee then he member of the managing committee has right to elect him again.

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