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Dear Sir, our society handover on April 2017 and We got Occupancy certificate December 2016 at the possession time. Please tell us which documents are needs from builder to Society? When we say them about document then they replied after conveyance deed. They also take 1lakh development charge from each member of society but they didn't nothing more to Society. Please help us or meet us

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Adviser: There are many documents the builder required to be given to the society at the time of handover. Some of the key documents he should provide to the society are; 1. Society formation document 2. Occupancy certificate 3. Commencement certificate 4. Building approved plan including the plumbing, electrical, elevation, structural etc. 5. Lift installation and PWD certificate 6. Property tax / assessment papers. 7. Copy of sale agreement and possession letter of all the flat owner including the precious sale if any. 8. Title clearance papers 9. MCGM correspondence file 10. Electrical approval file 11. If he has collected the advance maintenance then details of expenses till date. If balance sheet is available then collect the audited balance sheet. 12. If paying the property tax, collect the details of all past payment. Rest of the documents can be advised after having the personal discussion and checking the available records.

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