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Hello, Our society with less than 100 members had held AGM in September and the old committee term got expired but the same has not been informed to the registrar to conduct the election. Now we have defaulted and it's over 2 months but still no action is taken ahead. Below is my query. 1) Do we need to submit an apology letter and/or submit the relevant forms with voter list and request the registrar to conduct election. 2) Do we need to pay any penalty charges? If yes than how much? Is this penalty recoverable from old committee since it is default on their part? 3) During AGM people selected new committee which although is illegal but can the so called new committee submit the forms to the registrar and request to conduct election. Thanks and Regards, Ritesh Trivedi

Conversation of Legal Support

Adviser: Yes! you need to inform the registrar and ask to conduct the fresh election. If you do not infom then it will be violation and as a action the registrar can dismiss the managing committee and bar the member to contest the election for five year. The committee selected in AGM will have no legal validity and any major decision taken by them can be null & void.

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