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Now-a-days most of the housing society feels that there is a need of housing society management system for society member as well as for managing committee / office bearer. The cloud based housing society management software are being preferred by the managing committee more as the stand-alone software requires investment on the hardware, back-ups, maintenance etc. The cloud based software reduces the efforts of both society member and managing committee as the data is centrally available and accessible from anywhere. Let's explore how MySocietyClub helps both society members and managing committee to manage their Housing Society / Apartment easily & effectively.

Transaction Verification by Society Member

Traditionally, whenever society member wants to verify or check the transaction details they will either wait for the specific day / time for society office to open or call any managing committee member. As the details are not available with the managing committee they will have to requests to their third-party accountant to provide the transaction details. This process takes minimum a week to 15 days to reach the required data to society members. Many of times it takes a month based on the availability on third party accountant.

Cloud base software provides each society members a separate login to check their respective transactions. No need to be depend either on Managing Committee member or Third-Party Accountant or to wait for society office to open. This saves time of both society members and managing committee. We do have Android, iOS Society Management app for Society Members as well.

Maintenance Billing

Generating the member's bill, printing invoice, receipt and then making a set is a traditional way followed by the third party accountant. This involves the diverting the security staff / supervisor for distributing the same to each and every member.
In stand-alone Accounting Softwares like tally, Accountant must enter billing details of each members individually and therefore chances of error increases. They use different utility / method to calculate the interest charges. There is no option to send email / SMS of invoice generated.

The billing and accounting software in MySocietyClub, you just need to enter maintenance charges / details once. Thereafter the maintenance bill can be generated in a click as charges of each members are already set in the system. MySocietyClub automatically calculates the interest on delay payment charges, if any. This reduces the chances of omission or / possible manual errors in calculations. The Email and SMS sent to each member once the bill is generated. Automated payment alerts can also be set which will remind the members to pay their dues.

Payment Collection from Society Members

"Drop your cheque Here" or "Cheque Collection Box" is a very known feature of Housing Society. After preparing the cheque, each member is required to drop their maintenance cheques in check collection box. Third party accountant will then come and collects the cheques on a particular day and submit it to the banks. Beside the delay in deposit of the cheques so collected and missing the interest of that month, often members claim that they dropped their cheque on-time but interest is levied or their cheque is missing.

In a web-based solution each member has an option to pay their dues online which reduces the manual work of writing, depositing, and or keeping track of the cheque so issued to the society. Well the quality does not come free! Let's be frank here. To avail such online payment facility the society members may have to bear nominal transaction charges to the payment gateway provider. We are constantly trying to reduce the burden of transaction charges.
If member decide not to use online payment option provide here but likes to still make payment via NEFT / IMPS etc. We do have option of "Payment Intimation" module where society member can intimate about this transaction to society (in MySocietyClub via browser or mobile app through Payment Intimation module). Admin then can verify and approve the transaction. While this helps to save the transaction charges that is been charged to society members, an instant receipt will be visible to member after successful transaction or as soon as the transaction is approved by society admin (in case of payment intimation).

Notice and Circulars

Traditionally, publishing a notice on the society notice board / sending the hard copy is the best option to communicate any decision of the Managing Committee. However, often members continently use the excuse (if the notice is not in their favour) “Maine Notice Nahi Padha” ( I did not read the notice). Another problem was of “No updated” to the members who are not staying in the society.

Here Managing Committee can prepare notice online, send notification via SMS / Email / Mobile App automatically so chances missing any notice is next to impossible. Even if they have not seen, they can check all past notices. No need to maintain the file of notices.

Accounting and Financial Reports

Most of the Managing Committee sees / evaluate Accounting and Financial Reports at the time of Auditing since no third-party accountant can provide it on monthly basis with various analysis. Thus, difficult for the Managing Committee to take corrective actions in time. Very well said "Time is lost means money is lost".

With the help of MySocietyClub housing society accounting software one can get various reports like profit and loss statement, income & expenses analysis, balance sheet, trial balance, defaulter report, daybook, ledger report etc. whenever you need. Just login into MySocietyClub and get the reports easily.

NOC for Members

If any members require any NOC / Letter from the Society, they will have to wait till the society office opens, Society members have to then request managing committee to get NOC for various things like for Passport, Electricity Meter Change, Domicile Certificates, Bank Loan NOC etc.

With the help of MySocietyClub all the formats of NOC is readily available. Society Member just need to request for NOC through web portal by one click and Admin can then approve/reject & print the NOC as per the request just in one click No need to look for files for his details / particulars required to prepare said NOC.

Complaint Management

No response / slow response makes member more irritated / disgruntled. This is not because Managing Committee does not want to respond to their issues / complaint but they are busy with their personal work and visit society office once a week.

The online complaint management module provides a quick update to the Managing Committee (Complaint Handler) as and when the complaint is submitted. An immediate response can be send using mobile App, which makes members happy to know that the same has been received and that some one is working on the same.

Why MySocietyClub?

Society Setup and Configuration

The most critical and important part for success of any online software in Housing Society is its "Society Setup and Configuration". MySocietyClub will help you in every step of Society Setup and Configuration. In addition, we also provide support and help to the societies who wants to add their backdated accounting data into the system to have the continuity.


Many CAs and Accountant do not feel comfortable in Auditing Society Accounts in online software. They like to follow the system / software they are comfortable. Most of the Accountant uses the Tally Accounting Software for society auditing. We at MySocietyClub provides data in tally supported format so that Account Auditing becomes easier for CA.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

We assign a Relationship Manager / Account Manager for your society who will be available for you to resolve all of your Housing Society Software related queries / issues.

Accounting Support

In addition to above we provide complete accounting & auditing support to the Housing Societies located in Mumbai limits and soon we will be able to provide support in other cities too with the help of our accounting partners.

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