Domestic Servant Verification Form

Cook, driver, houseboy, maid, watchmen, etc. are known as "Domestic Servant" generally employed to work on full-time basis and in some cases part-time basis. Some time they are also allowed to stay in the employer's home /flat for convenience of the employer. Very often gangs take up such work as domestic servant and their intent is to steal. One has to keep in mind that any crimes by domestic workers are meticulously planned.
It has been observed the generally people while employing domestic servant do not take pain to check their background or even verify their character. Most of the time besides having their contact no they will not have any other details. If unverified domestic servant commits a crime in the house an run away then it becomes very difficult for the investigating agency to trace them and hence it is important that we conduct the "Police Verification of Domestic Servants".

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