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Why attend your General Body Meeting without Fail

The Co-operative Housing Societies are democratic bodies, their affairs are managed by the members of the societies itself. The managing committee elected by members from themselves are responsible to look after the management of the society as per the approved bye-laws of the society, under the provisions of the Act and as per the Rules Bye-laws of the Co-operative Societies.

The final authority of the society vests in the general body of the society. Most of the time it is observed that management problems are reduced where most problems actively participate in the general body meetings. Amicable discussions, foster co-operation, tolerance and understanding between members, managing committee and office bearers hence engendering peace in the society.

Some members are of the opinion that the decisions passed in the general body meeting are not binding to members who claim to be not present at the general body meeting but this is not correct. 

Any decision taken or resolution passed by the majority in the general body meetings held as per the Act, Rules and Bye-laws of Co-operative Societies is binding on every member of the society whether he was present or not and irrespective of whether he supported or opposed it.

No resolution passed at the general body meeting can be cancelled by another resolution at the next meeting unless 6 months have passed according to Bye-Law No. 109.

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