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Members, Housing Society Interest Rates, Advance Payment. A Few queries solved!

If individual members enter into partnership deed in a shop can society recover non-occupancy charges ?

If a shop keeper enters into a partnership deed for carrying out any business in the shop which is in the individual’s name, the individual will have to transfer the shop in the firm’s name; after proper procedure of the transfer.  In a case as such; recovery of non-occupancy charges do not arise. However, if it is not transferred in the name of partnership firm then non occupation charges will be charged. If the society finds out that the shop is being used by others the society should serve notice to the member to stop unauthorized use of the shop; failing which he would be required to face eviction proceedings.

Can a garage owner be charged water charges ?

Water charges should be charged as compared to the number of water inlets that are originally provided in the flat. A garage owner can also be charged for water if a separate inlet is provided in his garage for his use.

What are the Provisions for payment of society bills ?

A demand notice has to be prepared in respect of the charges given by society to the members on the basis of the bye-law No. 68 (a). The entire bill amount must be paid in full to the society without deducting any amount separately for any other expenses / claims incurred without taking permission from the society.

Is there any way a member is compensated for advance payments ?

Yes, as per bye-law No.11, the society can treat the advance payment as deposit bearing interest, provided the conditions there in are observed.

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