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Omni Processor : Alternate for Water Scarcity in Apartments

Water scarcity is becoming one of the major threats of modern world. According to UN predictions, by 2025, 1.8 billion people would live in regions of “absolute water scarcity”. This clearly shows that something mScreen-Shot-2015-01-19-at-7.19.30-PMore innovative than the conventional water treatment plants and rain water management systems are the need of the hour. Omni Processor is the way in making water a renewable resource.

Bill Gates recently took the world by a surprise when he drank recycled waste water from the Omni Processor. This treatment system that converts waste into electricity, fertiliser and much-needed water could be the answer to the developing world’s biggest challenge.

What is Omni Processor?

It is a treatment plant that processes fecal sludge (mixture of human excreta and water) into electricity, water and ash. It’s developed with two primary aims:

  • Curb water shortage faced by most developing countries.
  • Removal of pathogen caused by poor sanitation that kills nearly 700,000 children every year, and they prevent many more from fully developing mentally and physically.

How Omni Processor works?

The waste is sent through a 1,000 degree Celsius heated machine, which takes away all the foul smell and separates vapour from waste. The vapour goes through a boiling and cleaning process and it turns into the most pure form of clean drinking potable water.

The leftover dry sludge is then passed through a hot furnace where steam is emitted from it. The steam engine activates the generator, which turns it into electricity. This electricity powers the machine and keeps it running. All that remains after all of these processes is ash in form of fertilisers.

How is it an economical solution?

With lack of space in developed or developing cities, it’s mostly apartments and housing societies that make its infrastructure. The waste produced is disposed in one of the following ways:

  • The larger townships, housing societies or apartments use complex system of pipelines to dispose waste into some nearby water body. Some use a sewer treatment plant and use the treated water in toilet flushes before disposing. But nevertheless they spend a large amount on pipelines, treatment plant and electricity to run it.
  • The low budget apartments use septic tanks that are emptied regularly by paying to trucks that empty in a nearby water source as well.

In either ways water is not treated and could cause infection or even end up with water that’s supplied to your house in water cans for drinking.

Investing in a single omni processor for an apartment or by combined investment by a few neighbouring houses or cooperative housing societies could not just protect infections but also solve the issue of water scarcity.

Making water a renewable resource

The omni processor can handle waste supplied from 100,000 individuals and produce 86,000 liters of water and a net output of 250 kilowatt electricity per day. While the purified water will save you from water scarcity and from your expenses on drinking water, the electricity produced will not just be sufficient to run the plant by itself but have more to save general electricity charges in the apartment or building.

In a nutshell, processor wouldn’t just solve the problem of water scarcity in apartments; it would turn waste into a commodity with real value.


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