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Modern World, Modern Needs: Decoding the Popularity of Housing Societies over Independent Home

As the prices of residential properties soar higher, it is extremely important to be very precise with your choice of property. Young home buyers are looking for luxury houses with modern amenities at affordable prices. As the focus shifts back to living life “King Size”, the buyers prefer to invest in properties with high returns. Nonetheless, each family has special housing requirements and this is where they have to choose between an independent home and an apartment.

Independent House

Around us we see more apartments today compared to independent houses and that’s not just because of the space constraints in cities. Constructors build what is in demand. They create more housing societies because they sell quickly. Here are a few reasons why housing societies are preferred by most these days.

Know safety, no pain. Nosafety, know pain

Living in an apartment is secured compared to that in an independent house. There are fewer chances of trespassing into the property by outsiders. People not knowing you can’t really make out your exact house. Hence your life stays private and protected.

Most houses have children returning to empty houses after school as both their parents are at work. The societies are manned by the security guards at the gate who ensure that no stranger enters the society stalking the children.

Even while you are away from home all day, with the presence of 24×7 security, it’s a rare probability that you become a victim of theft or burglary owing to enhanced security around the society.

Luxury with cool amenities

You wouldn’t want to miss out on your workout after work but might be too tired to go to the gym. The societies come with gyms or at least have sufficient space around to have a nice walk.

The kids have their parks or lawns to play. You have the comfort of lifts, power backup, water supply, ample parking space and may be a swimming pool as well. All of which you will have to struggle to have in your independent house.

High maintenance with low efforts

Everyone deserves rest and enjoyment during weekends. Independent houses deprive you of that as they come with the additional responsibility of keeping your lawn and surrounding common areas clean. The societies on the other hand have a manager or a committee assigned to take care of it all. You get the privilege of enjoying a walk in the well maintained garden by putting in no effort.

Even in areas with water problems, you don’t have to be worried throughout for arranging water supply. It is all taken care of with group efforts and funding. It’s not just you who has to pay or take the stress for repainting, bringing other facilities to your locality or changing the motors.

Hassel free resale or renting

There might be countless unexpected reasons for which you will have to move out to a different place. If you are shifting permanently and don’t want to keep the property, it’s easier to sell a flat at good rates with its fixed per square feet rates.

With the reasonable rents of flats and the above mentioned advantages, renting an apartment in a housing society is easy as well.

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