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Classes of Members in Cooperative Societies

A member means a person joining in an application for the registration of a Co-operative Society which is subsequently registered, or a person duly admitted to membership of a society after Registration and includes a National and Associate or sympathizer member.

Classes of Members

1. Associate Members : Means a member who holds jointly a share of the society with others. His name does not stand first in the share certificate.

Joint Names : Once an application is made for adding the name of the person as an associate/joint member as he has paid money towards the share and purchase of the flat jointly and he has made himself responsible jointly and severally along with the first named member, to pay the dues of the society, he cannot unilaterally withdraw himself from the same tripartite agreement.

An individual, a firm, a company or a body corporate, registered under any law for the time being in force, who/which is eligible to be an associate member and who/which has made an application in the prescribed form for such membership, along with the entrance fee of Rs.100 is admitted as such member by the committee.

There can be more than one Associate/Joint Member

An associate member has the right to stand for election to the Managing Committee. This right can e exercised by an associate member if there is no objection from the member. In the absence of the member, the associate member can attend the meeting and vote to it.

2. Nominal Member : Means a person admitted to membership as such after registration in accordance with the Bye-laws. An individual, who is an employee of an firm, a company or any other body corporate registered under any law for the time being in force, or a  sublettee, licensee, who is eligible to be a nominal member and who has made an application for such membership in the prescribed form applicable to him along with the entrance fee Rs.100/- is admitted as such member by the committee. He has no right to vote.

3. Sympathiser Member : Means a person who sympathises with the aims and objects of the society and who is admitted by the society as such a member. Normally the role of a sympathiser member is known for his specialisation in the respective Co-operative field is to guide the society of which he is a sympathiser member, in accomplishing its objectives. In a Co-operative Housing Society there can be more than one Association/Joint member. Normally no sympathiser member is admitted.

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