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What to choose when buying a Housing Society Management Software?

Managing a residential society with plenty of members can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to keeping a track of day-to-day activities like record keeping, security check-ins, billing, invoice, meeting schedules, event reminders, maintenance etc. While manual management of such activities is an uphill task but with great technological solutions, it can be taken care of with minimal manual intervention. This is why choosing a right fit for the society management software for your residential society becomes very important. Following are some features to keep in mind when choosing a society management software for your housing society:

  1. Updated, Secure and Latest functionalities – Make sure that the software solution you are looking to buy offers comprehensive and updated software technology. Have a look at the modules and sub-modules of the software system to be sure. Also, how secure is the software is another critical factor to consider.

Opt for a company which has solid customer-care services and whose society management software is equipped to lend complete user-support without much intervention needed from professionals.


  1. Simple UI– There is no point in investing in a society management software which is complex to use and difficult to operate. The residents, as well as the management, should be able to swiftly navigate through the accounts, check pending charges or bills, see meeting updates. Choosing a simple and efficient software is not just a necessity but a priority.


  1. Online access – Choice of management software for your society should also depend on that the software operates online so that any society member can access any information related to their account or society, at any time and from anywhere. It also ensures that everything is updated in real-time.


  1. Automated billing and accounting – It is perhaps the number one reason why you would consider having a society management software in the first place. Maintaining billing accounts is a cumbersome task and hence, make sure the software module is befitting to serve all your billing requirements. It should be flexible, have the email/SMS facility upon bill generation, and support different kinds of online payment methods. The accounting reports should be readily generated and easy to read and understand for all parties.


  1. Keeping up with notices/circulars – Sending out notices or circulars to all residents should be an easy and swift task with your software. Whether it is about society meetings, programmes, vendors list or important security updates; informing the residents in time via emails or notifications on software makes the job hassle-free. It also encourages community belongingness among the members by keeping them abreast on all matters.


  1. Migration of data – The software solution for your society must also allow the transfer of data if you eventually decide to move on to some other management tool. Better to discuss this feature with the software provider company beforehand than to regret later.


  1. Provision for training to use the software – This is an added service you must ask the software provider to facilitate because it will ensure that all the features mentioned on the paper are just as authentic when in use. It also ensures that you have the working knowledge of all the modules. Be aware that there is a single point of communication for all the users.


In end, not only should you be concerned about all the above features to be present in the software management solution you install in your society; but also with the willingness on part of the provider company to allow you to make suggestions. Share your end-user experience on social media and see how the company is committed to improving your customer experience.

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