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Clear your dues before lodging your complaint to housing society registrar

Government of Maharashtra Co-operation & Textile Department has issued Circular No. Co. Hsg. Scheme / Cir. No. 365/14 dated 2nd November, 2002 to all Registrar Offices for handling of complaints of members of the societies who are not paying their monthly charges to the society. The gist of the circular is as under:

  1. Co-operative Housing Society Members should not stop the payment monthly due under any reason / excuses.
  2. If any member has any differences of option over monthly charges with Managing Committee, it should be solve by giving application to the authority concerned. The Registrar should take care to solve the query received from member within one month.
  3. If the authorities concerned say that the monthly charges are more, the excess amount should be returned to the member as per order of the concerned authority or it should be deducted from monthly dues by the society’s managing committee.
  4. Before taking in to considering the complaint of the members who are not paying their monthly charges, the Registrar should give instruction to such member to clear first their dues to the society. It is directive of the Government not to entertain complaints of members until all monthly dues are paid.

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